Fuzzy logic based decision model for product design

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A fuzzy decision-making method for selecting an optimum from various design alternative is proposed. The development of a juicer is taken as an example in this study. The evaluation objectives are arranged in a hierarchial structure with several levels. The relative contribution (weighting function) of each objective to the overall value of the solution and the rating or degree of approximation of a solution with respect to a given objective are quantified with the membership functions of fuzzy set. A computer program built with a weighted generalized mean method is used to calculate the fuzzy probalitity level by level the lowest-level objectives. After the fuzzy expected values of the top-level objectives are calculated, they are used to make a decision quantitatively on selecting the optimal design alternative. This method can also be used other design problems.

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期刊International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics
出版狀態Published - 1998 二月 1

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