Ga-In Alloy Segregation within a Porous Glass as Studied by SANS

Andrei V. Uskov, Elena V. Charnaya, Aleksandr I. Kuklin, Min Kai Lee, Lieh Jeng Chang, Yurii A. Kumzerov, Aleksandr V. Fokin

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Nanolattices can play the role of templates for metals and metallic alloys to produce functional nanocomposites with particular properties affected by nanoconfinement. To imitate the impact of nanoconfinement on the structure of solid eutectic alloys, we filled porous silica glasses with the Ga-In alloy, which is widely used in applications. Small-angle neutron scattering was observed for two nanocomposites, which comprised alloys of close compositions. The results obtained were treated using different approaches: the common Guinier and extended Guinier models, the recently suggested computer simulation method based on the initial formulae for neutron scattering, and ordinary estimates of the scattering hump positions. All of the approaches predicted a similar structure of the confined eutectic alloy. The formation of ellipsoid-like indium-rich segregates was demonstrated.

出版狀態Published - 2023 4月

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  • 化學工程 (全部)
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