GaN-based LED with embedded microlens-like structure

Wei-Chi Lai, L. C. Peng, M. N. Chang, S. C. Shei, Y. P. Hsu, Jinn-Kong Sheu

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By depositing two pairs of GaN/AlGaN on the template with GaN μ -pillars, we successfully realized an embedded microlens-like structure by metallorganic chemical vapor deposition. With the structure, we achieved a smaller electroluminescence linewidth and a smaller reverse leakage current due to the lateral growth induced crystal quality improvement. With the device size of 250×575 μm and an output wavelength of 455 nm, the 20 mA output power of the light emitting diode (LED) without and with the embedded microlens-like structure was 3.97 and 5.20 mW, respectively. From the ray tracing simulation, the embedded microlens-like GaN/AlGaN multilayer would serve as the light scattering center inside the LED and enhanced the light output power.

期刊Journal of the Electrochemical Society
出版狀態Published - 2009 十一月 10

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