GaN-based schottky barrier photodetectors with a 12-Pair Mg xNy-GaN buffer layer

S. J. Chang, K. H. Lee, P. C. Chang, Y. C. Wang, C. L. Yu, C. H. Kuo, S. L. Wu

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GaN-based ultraviolet (UV) photodetectors (PDs) separately prepared with a conventional single low-temperature (LT) GaN buffer layer and a 12-pair Mg xNy-GaN buffer layer were both fabricated. It was found that we could reduce threading dislocation (TD) density and thus improve crystal quality of the GaN-based UV PDs by using the 12-pair MgxN y-GaN buffer layer. With a - 2-V applied bias, it was found that the reverse leakage currents measured from PDs with a single LT GaN buffer layer and that with a 12-pair MgxNy-GaN buffer layer were 4.57 x 10-6 and 1.44 x 10-12 A, respectively. It was also found that we could use the 12-pair MgxNy-GaN buffer layer to suppress photoconductive gain, enhance UV-to-visible rejection ratio, reduce noise level, and enhance the detectivity.

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期刊IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
出版狀態Published - 2008

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