Gas cluster ion beam application to porous low-k dielectrics

John Hautala, Greg Book, Brian White, Chris Doughty, Dung-Ching Perng, Terukazu Kokubo

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Applications of gas cluster ion beams (GCIB) to sealing of pores in low-k and ultra-low-k materials are reported. Application of GCIB to porous low-k materials results in the formation of a very thin dense surface layer with optical properties similar to SiO 2. This layer forms an effective metal diffusion barrier to TiSiN chemical vapor deposition. Use of an oxygen-containing cluster beam allows for simultaneous photoresist ashing and pore sealing.

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期刊Advanced Metallization Conference (AMC)
出版狀態Published - 2003 十二月 1
事件Advanced Metallization Conference 2003, AMC 2003 - Montreal, Que., Canada
持續時間: 2003 十月 212003 十月 23

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