Genetic regulatory network-based symbiotic evolution

Jhen Jia Hu, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li

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The main theme of this paper is to present a novel evolution, the genetic regulatory network-based symbiotic evolution (GRNSE), to improve the convergent speed and solution accuracy of genetic algorithms. The proposed GRNSE utilizes genetic regulatory network (GRN) reinforcement learning to improve the diversity and symbiotic evolution (SE) initialization to achieve the parallelism. In particular, GRN-based learning increases the global rate by regulating members of genes in symbiotic evolution. To compare the efficiency of the proposed method, we adopt 41 benchmarks that contain many nonlinear and complex optimal problems. The influences of dimension, individual population size, and gene population size are examined. A new control parameter, the population rate is introduced to initiate the ratio between the gene and chromosome. Finally, all the studies of there 41 benchmarks demonstrate that from the statistic point of view, GRNSE give a better convergence speed and a more accurate optimal solution than GA and SE.

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期刊Expert Systems With Applications
出版狀態Published - 2011 五月 1

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