Ge/Si interdiffusion in the GeSi dots and wetting layers

J. Wan, Y. H. Luo, Z. M. Jiang, G. Jin, J. L. Liu, Kang L. Wang, X. Z. Liao, J. Zou

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The Ge/Si interdiffusion in GeSi dots grown on Si (001) substrate by gas-source molecular beam epitaxy is investigated. Transmission electron microscopy images show that, after annealing, the aspect ratio of the height to base diameter increases. Raman spectra show that the Si-Ge mode redshifts and the intensity of the local Si-Si mode increases with the increase of annealing temperature, which suggests the Ge/Si interdiffusion during annealing. The photoluminescence peaks from the dots and the wetting layers show blueshift due to the atomic intermixing during annealing. The interdiffusion thermal activation energies of GeSi dots and the wetting layers are 2.16 and 2.28 eV, respectively. The interdiffusion coefficient of the dots is about 40 times higher than that of wetting layers and the reasons were discussed.

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期刊Journal of Applied Physics
出版狀態Published - 2001 10月

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