Glomus tumor twenty-year experience and literature review

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Glomus tumors are rare, usually benign, vascular hamartomas consisting cells resembling the smooth muscle cells of the normal glomus body. They can be solitary or multiple, whereas solitary tumors are majorly located on the digits. Digital glomus tumors most commonly appear in subungual region and show a strong female predominance. There are several classical symptoms, clinical tests, and imaging tools, such as X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasonography, which can provide good accuracy for clinical diagnosis. However, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis are still commonly observed because primary physicians are unfamiliar with classical symptoms and clinical tests. Complete surgical excision often can result in complete relief of symptoms. Recurrence is largely caused by incomplete excision, but repeated image study is recommended to rule out newor malignant lesions. This series is a retrospective review of 50 cases with glomus tumors managed at our institute. We aim to review the key aspects of glomus tumor and provide a simple guideline for earlier diagnosis and treatment.

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