Gradient V-Shaped and N-Shaped Seismic Metamaterials

Yu Chi Su, Sheng Shiang Wang

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Seismic metamaterials provide an innovative alternative in earthquake engineering by reducing the hazards from seismic waves without modifying the existing structures. Although many seismic metamaterials have been proposed, a design for a broad bandgap at low frequencies is still in demand. In this study, two novel seismic metamaterials, V- and N-shaped designs, are proposed. We found that by adding a line to the letter V, turning the V-shaped design into an N-shaped design, the bandgap can be broadened. Both the V- and N-shaped designs are arranged in a gradient pattern to combine the bandgaps from metamaterials with different heights. Using only concrete as the base material for the design makes the proposed seismic metamaterial cost effective. Finite element transient analysis and band structures are in good agreement, validating the accuracy of the numerical simulations. Surface waves are effectively attenuated over a broad range of low frequencies using the gradient V- and N-shaped seismic metamaterials.

出版狀態Published - 2023 4月

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