Grid-averaged Lagrangian equations of dispersed phase in dilute two-phase flow

Keh Chin Chang, Jinn Cherng Yang, Muh Rong Wang

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A set of grid-averaged Lagrangian transport equations of the dispersed-phase turbulence kinetic energy <upik′upik′> and the turbulence modulation quantity <u′iupik′> is derived and demonstrated through a well-defined test problem of droplet-loading mixing layer. It is shown that accurate predictions of the turbulence kinetic energy of the droplets can be achieved by solving from this set of grid-averaged Lagrangian equations with significantly less computational droplets than those of a purely stochastic model. The information of the turbulence modulation quantity, which is solved from the grid-averaged Lagrangian transport equation of <u′iupik′>, can also be used to evaluate accurately the source term accounting for the two-phase interaction in the turbulence kinetic energy k transport equation of the carrier fluid, which is important for determining the turbulence characteristics of the carrier fluid.

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期刊AIAA journal
出版狀態Published - 2003 七月

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