Growth of diatom Amphora sp. cultured on agar plates by streak plate technique

P. P. Renta, Y. M. Chen

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Agar plate culturing is critical in a wide variety of scientific research, yet growing diatoms is challenging. The optimal agar concentration for Amphora sp. growth on f/2 medium and the duration of Amphora sp. survival on agar plates was identified. This study tested the simple approach for detecting cell colony growth on an agar plate by growing Amphora sp. in an F/2 medium with varying agar concentrations (0,4 percent, 0,6 percent, 0,7 percent). Following the discovery of the optimal agar concentration for Amphora sp. growth, the research continued with the regeneration of Amphora sp. from the old stock agar plate to the new plate of agar using the streak plate method. After Amphora sp. was cultured for four weeks, six weeks and eight weeks, regeneration was carried out on the new plates. Amphora sp. grew well on F/2 medium with a 0,4% agar concentration compared with other agar concentrations. The colony that appears became an indicator. Amphora sp. regeneration also showed that Amphora sp. was still growing well in new plates, all Amphora sp. from stock that was four weeks, six weeks, and eight weeks old, as indicated by the existence of multiple colonies and no contamination.

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期刊International Journal of Agricultural Technology
出版狀態Published - 2022 5月

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