Growth of nanocrystalline diamond films in CCl4/H2 ambient

Jih Jen Wu, Chen Hao Ku, Te Chi Wong, Chien Ting Wu, Kuei Hsien Chen, Li Chyong Chen

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We investigated the growth characteristics of the nanocrystalline diamond films using CCl4/H2 as gas sources in a hot-filament chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor. Successful growth of nanocrystalline diamond at typical growth condition of 1.5-2.5% CCl4 and 550-730 °C substrate temperature has been demonstrated. Glancing angle X-ray diffraction (XRD) clearly indicated the formation of diamond in the films. Typical root-mean-square surface roughness of 10-15 nm and an optimal root-mean-square surface roughness of 6 nm have been achieved. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analyses indicated that nanocrystalline diamond film with an average grain size in the range of 10-20 nm was deposited from 2.5% CCl4/H2 at 610°C. Effects of different source gas composition and substrate temperature on the grain nucleation and grain growth processes, whereby the grain size of the nanocrystalline film could be controlled, were discussed.

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期刊Thin Solid Films
出版狀態Published - 2005 2月 1

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