Growth of ZnGa2O4 nanowires on a ZnO buffer layer by carbothermal reduction of Ga2O3 powder

Meng Pang Chang, Ming Hung Chiang, Wen Tai Lin, Ching Ting Lee

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The synthesis of pure ZnGa2O4 nanowires (NWs) on the ZnO-coated Si substrates could be achieved by carbothermal reduction of Ga 2O3 powder. The processing parameters such as the weight of Ga2O3 powder, the thickness of ZnO buffer layer, and the substrate temperature were explored. The growth of ZnGa2O 4 NWs followed the vapor-solid process. Surplus ZnO source favored the growth of ZnGa2O4 NWs, while higher substrate temperature promoted the growth of Ga2O3 nanobelts. The results indicated a window for the growth of abundant and pure ZnGa 2O4 NWs. The growth mechanism of ZnGa2O 4 NWs on the ZnO buffer layer via carbothermal reduction of Ga 2O3 powder was discussed. The ZnGa2O 4 NWs showed a photoluminescence band centered at 466-475 nm.

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期刊Materials Letters
出版狀態Published - 2011 五月 31

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