Hand grasp control by force and position feedback for the C5/C6 spinal cord injuried

C. J. Lin, K. C. Chung, Y. H. Chiu

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This project was to design a powered hand grasp control system with assistive technology to improve functional independence for the C5/C6 SCI. Using modern mechatronics technology, the system development was through integrated digital microcontroller, DC motor and driver control, position and force sensors, spastic hand muscle and joint stiffness, simple spring mechanical model for linear control, decision rules and parameters for grasping an object and then releasing, feedback input control, patient- specified function parameters, interface concern and programmable algorithm. The system consists of power supply, input controller, 8x196 microcontroller, DC-motor/driven circuit, transmission mechanism and hand splint, force and position sensors. Contact force during grasping and holding objects with different sizes/material properties are manipulated by a linear control algorithm. To operate this system, the user/patient is expected to turn it on via an on/off switch. After the system assembly and completion of system function testing with safety consideration, a pilot field testing was conducted by a C6-complete SCI patient for clinical use. During the testing, it was demonstrated that the patient initially used shoulder motion to press the on/off switch, then the grasping action was followed with a cup hold and raised to near his mouth by elbow flexion and supination, and finally the cup was put down and released through reverse procedure. The results have shown the evidence that the prototype design seems to be cost-effective for improved hand grasp/release function. Design and development of assistive devices is very new in Taiwan. The R and D of dynamic orthosis is strongly demanded for C5/C6 SCI. This dynamic assistive orthosis using feedback control not only improves the hand grasp function, also is valuable in providing practice, exercise, and grasp function evaluation in rehabilitation.

頁(從 - 到)239-246
期刊Chinese Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering
出版狀態Published - 1999 12月 1

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  • 生物物理學


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