Handbook of culture and creativity: Basic processes and applied innovations

Angela K.Y. Leung, Letty Y.Y. Kwan, Shyhnan Liou

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This edited volume presents 12 chapters to enrich the cultural perspective of creativity. Contributed by esteemed scholars in the field, this book is a joint effort to provide an in-depth and systematic inquiry into the cultural processes of creativity and innovation, as well as the creative processes of cultural transformation. On the one hand, creativity emerges from dialogical interaction with cultural imperatives, norms, and artifacts; on the other hand, culture is evolved and transformed through a generative process fueled by creativity. To illuminate nuanced insights on the complex culture-creativity nexus, this volume is organized in four broad sections. It starts with two chapters that provide a comprehensive account on the reciprocal nature of culture and creativity. Four chapters then provide an innovative take of contextualizing creativity from a multitude of perspectives, including situating the study of creativity across time, communities, professions, nations, and so on. This is followed by four chapters that identify the creative advantages of multicultural or diversifying experiences among individuals and teams. The volume concludes with two outstanding chapters that inform us about the policy implications and applications of studying the cultural perspective of creativity with case studies from Taiwan and Hong Kong. This cogent volume presents cutting-edge evidence and lays the groundwork for pursuing a new science for integrating the study of culture and creativity.

發行者Oxford University Press
出版狀態Published - 2018 7月 1

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