Helicopter H control design with robust flying quality

Chi Chung Luo, Ru Feng Liu, Ciann Dong Yang, Yeong Hwa Chang

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The purpose of this paper is to design helicopter H flight control system to improve its stability, maneuverability, and agility. Firstly, the linear mathematical model of a helicopter is established from the nonlinear six degree-of-freedom dynamic equations. Then, linear H control theory is applied to the linearized model to design the H controller, which, in turn, is integrated in the nonlinear model of a helicopter to simulate nonlinear dynamic response, and to evaluate flying quality. Two helicopter flying quality indices, quickness index and phase delay margin, are adopted to test the robustness of H controller, and the results show that while the forward velocity of helicopter changes, the H controller can maintain the specifications in level-1 standard.

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期刊Aerospace Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 2003 三月 1

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