Hemostasis Plug for an Electromagnetic Thermotherapy and Its Application for Liver Laceration

Chung Hsien Liu, Sheng Chieh Huang, Ying Jui Chao, Xi Zhang Lin, Gwo Bin Lee

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Accident-induced liver trauma is a significant human health concern, as this organ is readily injured during periods at which the abdominal region is compromised. In this work, electromagnetic thermotherapy was successfully developed and employed in vitro and in vivo to treat livers that had been lacerated. Briefly, a new hemostasis plug was integrated with an electromagnetic thermotherapy system (ETS) to perform surgery on lacerated livers. The high-frequency, alternating electromagnetic field (EMF) was generated by the ETS and was shown to induce a pre-set temperature increase within the hemostasis plug embedded in the target tissue. In order to prevent overheating and maintain a constant hemostasis temperature, a temperature feedback control system was utilized. The effect of the intensity of the EMF on the heating capacity of the ETS-hemostasis system was first explored. Furthermore, the relationship between the coagulation zone and operating temperature were investigated in vitro. By utilizing the temperature feedback control system, the hemostasis plug could be heated to a specific temperature for efficient hemostasis. With this approach, the optimal treatment temperature and time were investigated for liver laceration. Lacerated livers from New Zealand white rabbits were successfully treated with the hemostasis plug and ETS within a short period of time. When compared with the traditional perihepatic packing approach, the volume of blood loss from liver laceration surgeries treated by ETS has been dramatically reduced by 83%, suggesting a high therapeutic potential for this system.

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期刊Annals of biomedical engineering
出版狀態Published - 2016 4月 1

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  • 生物醫學工程


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