Hexose translocation mediated by SlSWEET5b is required for pollen maturation in Solanum lycopersicum

Han Yu Ko, Hsuan Wei Tseng, Li Hsuan Ho, Lu Wang, Tzu Fang Chang, Annie Lin, Yong Ling Ruan, H. Ekkehard Neuhaus, Woei Jiun Guo

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Pollen fertility is critical for successful fertilization and, accordingly, for crop yield. While sugar unloading affects the growth and development of all types of sink organs, the molecular nature of sugar import to tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) pollen is poorly understood. However, sugar will eventually be exported transporters (SWEETs) have been proposed to be involved in pollen development. Here, reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) revealed that SlSWEET5b was markedly expressed in flowers when compared to the remaining tomato SlSWEETs, particularly in the stamens of maturing flower buds undergoing mitosis. Distinct accumulation of SlSWEET5b-b-glucuronidase activities was present in mature flower buds, especially in anther vascular and inner cells, symplasmic isolated microspores (pollen grains), and styles. The demonstration that SlSWEET5b-GFP fusion proteins are located in the plasma membrane supports the idea that the SlSWEET5b carrier functions in apoplasmic sugar translocation during pollen maturation. This is consistent with data from yeast complementation experiments and radiotracer uptake, showing that SlSWEET5b operates as a low-affinity hexose-specific passive facilitator, with a Km of 36 mM. Most importantly, RNAi-mediated suppression of SlSWEET5b expression resulted in shrunken nucleus-less pollen cells, impaired germination, and low seed yield. Moreover, stamens from SlSWEET5b-silenced tomato mutants showed significantly lower amounts of sucrose (Suc) and increased invertase activity, indicating reduced carbon supply and perturbed Suc homeostasis in these tissues. Taken together, our findings reveal the essential role of SlSWEET5b in mediating apoplasmic hexose import into phloem unloading cells and into developing pollen cells to support pollen mitosis and maturation in tomato flowers.

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期刊Plant Physiology
出版狀態Published - 2022 5月

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