Hierarchical evaluation scheme on technology sourcing for advanced public transport systems

Ming Chih Chung, Chien Hung Wei, Chung Jen Chen

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Advanced public transport system (APTS) technologies have received much attention from industry researchers in recent years for their evident importance to economic growth. The development of critical APTS technology, such as the contact-less smart card (CSC), in newly industrialized areas receives its impetus from the experience of developed countries. The evaluation of technology sourcing with a higher growth potential in CSC technology has become a critical issue for Taiwanese firms. However, past research rarely emphasized it. This paper utilizes the grey statistical method with survey techniques and the analytic hierarchy process to develop an integrated evaluation model for solving the technology-sourcing problem. An empirical case of the CSC technology sourcing in Taiwan was chosen to demonstrate the application of the proposed model on this issue. The research results suggest that the application of the model provides a sensible path for company policy makers to effectively cope with the technology-sourcing evaluation problem.

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期刊Journal of Advanced Transportation
出版狀態Published - 2009

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  • 汽車工程
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