Hierarchically Nanostructured One-Dimensional Metal Oxide Arrays for Solar Cells

Jih Jen Wu, Chen Hao Ku, Chun Te Wu, Wen Pin Liao

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One-dimensional (1D) metal oxide nanostructures have attracted considerable attention for many applications. Among them, 1D ZnO-nanostructured arrays are promising electrode materials for use in energy devices because of its low crystallization temperature, anisotropic growth behavior, and superior electron transport properties. Superior electron transport properties and therefore charge collection efficiencies have been demonstrated in the ZnO nanowire (NW) dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). However, the performance of the ZnO NW DSSC was limited by inferior surface area of NWs for dye loading. In this chapter, a review is given on the formations of hierarchical nanostructures on the ZnO NW arrays via wet chemical routes and their applications to DSSCs. In order to increase the light harvesting efficiency of the ZnO NW DSSC, the strategies of modifications of the ZnO NW arrays were demonstrated by enlarging the surface area of photoanode without sacrificing fast electron transport of ZnO NW and adding a light scattering layer for reflecting unabsorbed photons back into the NW anode.

主出版物標題Nanocrystalline Materials
主出版物子標題Their Synthesis-Structure-Property Relationships and Applications
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出版狀態Published - 2013 九月 1

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