High correlation between human rhinovirus type C and children with asthma exacerbations in Taiwan

Yu Tsun Su, Yen Ting Lin, Ching Chi Yang, Shang Shyue Tsai, Jiu Yao Wang, Ya Ling Huang, Ting I. Lin, Tsun Mei Lin, Yu Cheng Tsai, Hong Ren Yu, Ching Chung Tsai, Ming Chun Yang

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Background/Purposes: Human rhinovirus type C (HRV-C) has been associated with asthma exacerbation (AE) in children in several countries. However, in Taiwan the association between HRV, especially HRV-C, and AE in children has yet to be elucidated. We sought to investigate the prevalence of respiratory viruses in children with acute lower respiratory tract infection (ALRTI) in Taiwan and the association between different types of HRV and AE in children. Methods: This prospective study was conducted from 2011 to 2013, and enrolled children with ALRTI, including an asthma exacerbation group (AE; n = 28) and a Non-asthma group (n = 66). Viruses were detected by culture, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, and molecular sequencing of nasopharyngeal swabs. Results: The prevalence of identified respiratory viruses was 78.6% in the AE group and 65.2% in the Non-asthma group. The prevalence rates of HRV and HRV-C were significantly higher in the AE group than in the Non-asthma group (67.9% vs. 33.3% in HRV, p = 0.002; and 50% vs. 15.2% in HRV-C, p < 0.001). Among the children with HRV, the prevalence of HRV-C (68.4%) was higher than that of the other types of HRV (31.6%, including HRV-A 26.3%, and HRV-B 5.3%) in the AE group but not in the Non-asthma group (40.9% vs. 59.1%). Conclusions: HRV is the most predominant viral infection responsible for pediatric AE in Taiwan, and HRV-C is responsible for more of these exacerbations than HRV-A or HRV-B.

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期刊Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection
出版狀態Published - 2020 八月

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