High detectivity InGaN-GaN multiquantum well p-n junction photodiodes

Yu Zung Chiou, Yan Kuin Su, Shoou Jinn Chang, Jeng Gong, Yi Chao Lin, Sen Hai Liu, Chia Sheng Chang

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InGaN-GaN multiquantum well (MQW) p-n junction photodiodes with semi-transparent Ni-Au electrodes were fabricated and characterized. It was found that the fabricated InGaN-GaN p-n junction photodiodes exhibit a 20-V breakdown voltage and a photocurrent to dark current contrast ratio of ∼ 105 when a 0.4-V reverse bias was applied. The peak responsivity at 380 nm was 1.28 and 1.76 A/W with a 0.1- and 3-V applied reverse bias, respectively. Furthermore, an internal gain was found from our InGaN-GaN MQW p-n junction photodiodes possibly due to the long-lifetime of GaN based materials. Also, it was found that the low frequency noise of our photodiodes was dominated by the 1/f type noise. For a given bandwidth of 500 Hz, the corresponding noise equivalent power and normalized detectivity D* were found to be 6.34 × 10-13 W and 4.45 × 1011 cm · Hz0.5 W-1, respectively.

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期刊IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
出版狀態Published - 2003 五月

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