High performance H mode plasmas at densities above the Greenwald limit

M. A. Mahdavi, T. H. Osborne, A. W. Leonard, M. S. Chu, E. J. Doyle, M. E. Fenstermacher, G. R. McKee, G. M. Staebler, T. W. Petrie, M. R. Wade, S. L. Allen, J. A. Boedo, N. H. Brooks, R. J. Colchin, T. E. Evans, C. M. Greenfield, G. D. Porter, R. C. Isler, R. J. La Haye, C. J. LasnierR. Maingi, R. A. Moyer, M. J. Schaffer, P. G. Stangeby, J. G. Watkins, W. P. West, D. G. Whyte, N. S. Wolf

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Densities of up to 40% above the Greenwald limit are reproducibly achieved in high confinement (HITER89P = 2) ELMing H mode discharges. Simultaneous gas fuelling and divertor pumping were used to obtain these results. Confinement of these discharges, similar to moderate density H mode, is characterized by a stiff temperature profile, and is therefore sensitive to the density profile. A particle transport model is presented that explains the roles of divertor pumping and geometry for access to high densities. The energy loss per ELM at high density is a factor of five lower than the predictions of an earlier scaling, based on data from lower density discharges.

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期刊Nuclear Fusion
出版狀態Published - 2002 一月

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics

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