High performance sputtered/anodized tantalum oxide capacitors

S. G. Byeon, Y. Tzeng

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High-performance films (400-1600 angstrom) were formed by anodizing sputtered tantalum oxide films. The electrical properties of these two-step oxidized and sputtered/anodized films are compared with those of films prepared by anodization or sputtering only. The sputtered/anodized tantalum oxide capacitors have lower dissipation factors, higher breakdown fields, narrower breakdown distributions, and lower leakage currents. The sputtered/anodized tantalum oxide films have shown to be useful for high-charge-storage capacitor applications.

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期刊Technical Digest - International Electron Devices Meeting
出版狀態Published - 1988 12月 1
事件Technical Digest - International Electron Devices Meeting 1988 - San Francisco, CA, USA
持續時間: 1988 12月 111988 12月 14

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