High-Q microwave dielectrics in low-temperature sintered (Zn1-xNix)3Nb2O8 ceramics

Cheng Liang Huang, Wen Ruei Yang, Pei Ching Yu

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The effects of Ni substitution for Zn on microwave dielectric properties of (Zn1-xNix)3Nb2O8 (x=0.02-0.08) ceramics were investigated in this study. The XRD patterns of the sintered samples reveal single-phase formation with a monoclinic structure. The tremendous improvement of Q×f value can be achieved by a small level of Ni substitution (x=0.05). The τf value was found to decrease with a decreasing A-site bond valence. In addition, B2O3 and CuO were used as a sintering aid to lower the sintering temperature from 1180 to 900°C. Excellent microwave dielectric properties (e{open}r~20.7, Q×f~98,000GHz and τf~-85.2ppm/°C) and a chemical compatibility with Ag electrodes can be obtained for 4wt% B2O3-CuO doped (Zn0.95Ni0.05)3Nb2O8 ceramics sintered at 930°C for 2h. This constitutes a very promising material for LTCC applications.

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期刊Journal of the European Ceramic Society
出版狀態Published - 2014 二月

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