Highly sensitive hydrogen gas sensor based on a MoS2-Pt nanoparticle composite

Sandeep Reddy Gottam, Chi Ting Tsai, Li Wen Wang, Chen Tao Wang, Chun Cheng Lin, Sheng Yuan Chu

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A highly sensitive hydrogen gas sensor composed of an MoS2-Pt nanoparticle thin film as the active layer is introduced. The sensor achieved ultra-fast response and recovery rates of 4 s and 19 s, respectively, for 100 ppm of H2. The MoS2-Pt composite film exhibits a high sensor response (R1/R2) of 10 when exposed to 100 ppm of H2 gas, which outperforms the existing metal sulfide- based sensors. The stability of the device over a period of 70 days and the selectivity of the device is outstanding. A plausible mechanism for the MoS2-Pt based H2 gas sensor is discussed. Furthermore, the sensitivity, response and recovery rates for various concentrations of H2 gas are studied. The sensor response is exceptionally promising. This sensor with metal sulfide-platinum composite active layers can be applied in the sensor field to amplify the sensing performance.

期刊Applied Surface Science
出版狀態Published - 2020 三月 15

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