Hybrid robust discrete sliding mode control for generalized continuous chaotic systems subject to external disturbances

Jason Sheng Hong Tsai, Jiunn Shiou Fang, Jun Juh Yan, Ming Cheng Dai, Shu Mei Guo, Leang San Shieh

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This paper presents a discrete sliding mode control (DSMC) for the robust chaos suppression of the generalized continuous-time chaotic systems subject to matched/mismatched disturbances. The proposed DSMC first ensures the existence of the sliding manifold. Then, the effect of external disturbances including matched and mismatched cases are discussed after the controlled system is driven into the sliding manifold. The proposed results show that the chaotic behaviour of controlled systems with matched disturbances can be fully suppressed to zero or robustly driven into an estimated bound in the state–space form, which was not explicitly addressed in the literature. Finally, two different chaotic systems are utilized to study the hybrid chaos suppression. The corresponding numerical results show the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed DSMC.

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期刊Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems
出版狀態Published - 2018 八月 1


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