Hydrodynamically coupled motions of two ships advancing in oblique waves.

M. C. Fang, C. H. Kim

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An analytical investigation was carried out on the wave induced motions on two closely spaced, hydrodynamically interacting slender bodies advancing in oblique waves. The two dimensional procedure, including the hydrodynamic interaction and an integral equation method was utilized. Numerical results are presented for the coupled motions of two ships. Comparisons were made with the behaviour of a monohull and the interaction effect was found to be very important. Different headings and speeds were investigated. It was found that the rolling motion is reduced while the ships are advancing, a helpful circumstance for cargo transfer between two ships. This study shows that the strip method is a useful technique to predict the hydrodynamically coupled motions between two ships advancing in oblique seas. (A)

發行號6 , Sep. 1986, p.159-171.
出版狀態Published - 1986 1月 1

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