Hypersonic turbulent expansion-corner flow with shock impingement

Kung Ming Chung, Frank K. Lu

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Mean and fluctuating surface pressure data were obtained in a Mach 8, turbulent, cold flow past an expansion corner subjected to shock impingement. The expansion corner of 2.5 or 4.25 deg was located at 0.77 m (30.25 in.) from the leading edge of a sharp-edged flat plate, while an external shock, generated by either a 2- or 4- deg sharp wedge, impinged at the corner, or at one boundary-layer thickness ahead or behind the corner. The mean pressure distribution was strongly influenced by the mutual interaction between the shock and the expansion. For example, the upstream influence decreased when the shock impinged downstream of the corner. Also, the unsteadiness of the interactions was characterized by an intermittent region and a local rms pressure peak near the upstream influence. The peak rms pressure fluctuations increased with a larger overall interaction strength. Shock impingement downstream of the corner resulted in lower fluctuation peaks and also in a shorter region of reduced fluctuation levels. These features may be exploited in inlet design by impinging the cowl shock downstream of an expansion corner instead of at the corner. In addition, a limited pitot pressure survey showed a thinning of the boundary layer downstream of the corner.

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期刊Journal of Propulsion and Power
出版狀態Published - 1995

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