Identification of rod dynamics under influence of Active Magnetic Bearing

Nan Chyuan Tsai, Heng Yi Li, Chih Che Lin, Chao Wen Chiang, Pai Lu Wang

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The purpose of this paper is to apply the wavelet transform algorithm to identify the magnetic damping and magnetic stiffness coefficients of the drive rod with which a set of 4-pole Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) is equipped. By taking advantage of time-frequency analysis feature, the ridge curve of rod free response after wavelet transformation can be extracted to find the natural frequency of the rod/AMB system. In other words, due to the influence of magnetized field by the AMB, the stiffness of the rod dynamics is not linear any more and can be estimated from the curve of the amplitude versus frequency by wavelet transformation. On the other hand, the nonlinear damping coefficients can be estimated from the derivative of amplitude versus amplitude by wavelet transformation of rod free vibration. It is found that the nonlinear magnetic damping coefficients are up to 2nd-order in polynomial and the stiffness coefficient is mainly of 3rd-order respectively. In addition, the identified 2nd-order damping coefficient is negative and hence implies that under specific rod displacement and speed, the dynamic of the rod/AMB system in axial direction is unstable.

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出版狀態Published - 2011 九月

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