Image processor and fuzzy PID controller design for robot-car intercept mission

Yiing Yuh Lin, Ming Young Liao

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This paper presents a study of smart robot car system which integrates a real-time image processor with an adaptable controller that can identify and intercept a moving target with specified color on a horizontal plane. The robot car built includes an on-board CCD camera, structure and power drive, infrared environment sensor, wireless transmission, and micro-controller data handling modules. To obtain fast and accurate intercept commands, large amount of target images captured by the CCD camera are transmitted to the monitoring PC at a stationary location. Through image processing technique, the position and the speed of the target are estimated to obtain proper controller parameters and to evaluate intercept signals. Fuzzy logic coupled with PID control law is applied to design the controller. Both the target image and the control signal are received from and transmitted to the robot car via wireless communication hardware. Computer simulation and hardware experiment of the test case included demonstrate effective and compatible results for the designed system.

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