Immunity to betanodavirus infections of marine fish

Young Mao Chen, Ting Yu Wang, Tzong Yueh Chen

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Betanodaviruses cause viral nervous necrosis in numerous fish species, but some species are resistant to infection by these viruses. It is essential to fully characterize the immune responses that underlie this protective response. Complete characterization of the immune responses against nodaviruses may allow the development of methods that stimulate fish immunity and of an effective betanodavirus vaccine. Such strategies could include stimulation of specific immune system responses or blockage of factors that decrease the immune response. The innate immune system clearly provides a front-line defense, and this includes the production of interferons and other cytokines. Interferons that are released inside infected cells and that suppress viral replication may be the most ancient form of innate immunity. This review focuses on the immune responses of fish to betanodavirus infection.

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期刊Developmental and Comparative Immunology
出版狀態Published - 2014 4月

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