Impact factors of three-dimensional interface

Yu Chun Huang, Chun Chin Su, Fang Gong Wu, Chien Hsu Chen

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In this study, we discussed the present researches about the interaction of the three-dimensional (3D) interface. However, we found that participants presented weaker perfonnances associated with the depth direction (z-axis). Three possible factors could be summarized to the display mode in 3D presentation, the degree of freedom in input devices and the compatibility between the display mode and the input devices. Therefore, we tried to design an augment reality (AR) 3D interface base on those possible impact factor? and to test whether the participants' performance could be improved by this design. However, the result shows indeed there were significant differences between the three moving directions. But, there were also found the interference effect induce by the 2D cues. Those interferences may be the key solutions to development the 3D user interface..

主出版物標題Advances in Cognitive Ergonomics
發行者CRC Press
出版狀態Published - 2016 四月 19

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    Huang, Y. C., Su, C. C., Wu, F. G., & Chen, C. H. (2016). Impact factors of three-dimensional interface. 於 Advances in Cognitive Ergonomics (頁 146-155). CRC Press.