Impact simulation of rubber ball for standardized heavy weight floor impact sources

Shun Fa Hwang, Chao Wen Chen, Sung Chin Chung, Yaw-Shyan Tsay

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To judge the sound insulation of the floor coverings construction, one common way is to measure the impact sound insulation of a small size specimen in a full-scale building by using a heavy weight impact source like rubber ball. However, according to the standard testing procedure, this measurement is very complicated and needs expensive equipments causing a big burden for construction related companies. In this work, an explicit finite element method, for example LS-DYNA, will be used to model the impact behavior of the rubber ball on reinforced concrete floor. To precisely simulate the impact force, three different material models for the rubber ball including kinematic hardening plastic material model, Mooney-Rivlin rubber model, and hyperviscoelastic rubber mode are investigated. In addition, some parameter values in these three models will be determined by try and error. The simulation results indicate that the kinematic hardening plastic material model may be not a good choice for rubber ball, while both the Mooney-Rivlin rubber model and the hyperviscoelastic rubber model are suitable to model the rubber ball under impact conditions. Also, the simulation results from these two models are very close. For these two models, the values of some undetermined parameters could be appropriately chosen.

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期刊Advanced Science Letters
出版狀態Published - 2012 七月 1

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