Implementation and integration of computer aided production management (CAPM) in Taiwan and the UK: An empirical study

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This article describes the results of a comparative study of the implementation and integration of computer aided production management (CAPM) in the UK and Taiwan, one of the emerging `little dragons' of South East Asia, and manufacturers in the developed Western economy. The research design used qualitative and quantitative analyses to develop and examine a model of CAPM implementation and integration, by drawing on the practical experience of senior managers of management information systems (MIS) and production in Taiwan and the UK. Three phases of fieldwork were undertaken. The first phase is an investigation survey which began with literature and involved exploratory fieldwork visiting Taiwanese manufacturing companies. The second phase identifies from case analysis the most important elements of CAPM systems allowing the development of a model of CAPM implementation and integration. The third phase is to examine and refine the model of CAPM and compare with the findings of other researchers. Although the industrial development and manufacturing histories of the two countries are very different, it was found that manufacturers in both countries appear to be pursuing CAPM development strategies which are leading to convergent solutions. Whilst UK manufacturers have more experience with the computerization of production management than their Taiwanese counterparts, and the initial system designs in the two countries were different, developers have encountered similar difficulties in developing systems. Taiwanese manufacturers appear to be improving the quality of their production management computer systems in a more systematic, and thus faster manner than their UK counterparts. Most Taiwanese and UK firms have overcome systems development barriers to achieve a high state of full CAPM integration, computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), and supply chain management (SCM). A comparison of CAPM in the two countries suggests that Taiwanese manufacturers have created the platforms on which to build CAPM systems, are aware of the problems they face and have plans to overcome them. When these plans were examined and compared with the UK, both countries appear to be moving toward similar designs for their CAPM systems.

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期刊International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology
出版狀態Published - 2000 十二月 1

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