Importance of soft solution processing for advanced inorganic materials

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Based upon the analysis of materials cycling and processing on the earth, a thermodynamic concept for energetical and environmental problems has been proposed. It concludes that solution processing using aqueous solutions should be the most important processing even for advanced materials. According to this concept, energetical and environmental features of soft solution processing (SSP) are discussed in general, using also some particular examples, such as BaTiO3. Applications of the SSP are shown with special emphasis on hydrothermal and/or electrochemical synthesis of thin films and integration issues. Soft solution processing allows one to fabricate in aqueous solutions shaped/sized/oriented ceramics in only one step, without excess energies for firing/sintering or melting and without expensive equipment, providing an environmentally friendly route for the preparation of advanced ceramic materials.

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期刊Journal of Materials Research
出版狀態Published - 1998

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