Influence of reactor rotating speed on bamboo torrefaction

Wei Hsin Chen, Ma Katreena Pillejera, Mark Daniel De Luna

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Bamboo torrefaction in a rotating packed bed (RPB) is investigated where three rotating speeds of 0, 900, and 1800 rpm are taken into account. The results suggest that the rotating speed intensifies the torrefaction performance drastically when light and mild torrefaction are practiced. In contrast, the torrefaction performance is affected slightly by the rotating speed when severe torrefaction is carried out. The highest higher heating value (HHV) and its enhancement factor (EF) are 28.389 MJ/kg and 1.61, respectively, yielding a coal-like fuel with the energy yield is 63.51%. The results suggest that torrefaction in a rotating packed bed is a efficient process to upgrade biomass for producing green and sustainable alternative to coal utilized in industry.

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期刊Energy Procedia
出版狀態Published - 2017
事件9th International Conference on Applied Energy, ICAE 2017 - Cardiff, United Kingdom
持續時間: 2017 8月 212017 8月 24

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