Infrared-active quadruple contrast FePt nanoparticles for multiple scale molecular imaging

Shang Wei Chou, Chien Liang Liu, Tzu Ming Liu, Yu Fang Shen, Lun Chang Kuo, Cheng Ham Wu, Tsung Yuan Hsieh, Pei Chun Wu, Ming Rung Tsai, Che Chang Yang, Kai Yao Chang, Meng Hua Lu, Pai Chi Li, Shi Ping Chen, Yu Hsin Wang, Chen Wen Lu, Yi An Chen, Chih Chia Huang, Churng Ren Chris Wang, Jong Kai HsiaoMeng Lin Li, Pi Tai Chou

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A single nanomaterial with multiple imaging contrasts and functions is highly desired for multiscale theragnosis. Herein, we demonstrate single 1-1.9 μm infrared-active FePt alloy nanoparticles (FePt NPs) offering unprecedented four-contrast-in-one molecular imaging - computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), photoacoustic (PA) imaging, and high-order multiphoton luminescence (HOMPL) microscopy. The PA response of FePt NPs outperforms that of infrared-active gold nanorods by 3- to 5.6-fold under identical excitation fluence and particle concentrations. HOMPL (680 nm) of an isolated FePt NP renders spatial full-width-at-half-maximum values of 432 nm and 300 nm beyond the optical diffraction limit for 1230-nm and 920-nm excitation, respectively. The in vivo targeting function was successfully visualized using HOMPL, PA imaging, CT, and MRI, thereby validating FePt as a single nanomaterial system covering up to four types (Optical/PA/CT/MRI) of molecular imaging contrast, ranging from the microscopic level to whole-body scale investigation.

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出版狀態Published - 2016 四月 1

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