Innovation in cultural and creative industries

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This chapter proposes a dual-mechanism model of innovation to understand the development of cultural and creative industries (CCIs) by bringing insights from culture and creativity research. First, we introduce the development and evolution of various countries’ CCIs, together with the challenges they currently encounter for future development. Second, drawing upon frontier research on culture and creativity and successful cases of CCIs, we introduce a dual-mechanism framework that pertains to the processes underlying the reciprocal relationship between culture and creativity and multicultural convergence to gain a more nuanced understanding of how CCIs develop. Lastly, we derive from this framework major propositions for overcoming the challenges faced by CCIs, and we propose future directions for further developments. This chapter demonstrates promising ways of applying culture and creativity research to industries.

主出版物標題Handbook of Culture and Creativity
主出版物子標題Basic Processes and Applied Innovations
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