Innovative digital technology adapted in nursing education between Eastern and Western countries: a mini-review

Mei Chin Wang, Jing Shia Tang, Yueh Ping Liu, Chia Chang Chuang, Chung Liang Shih

研究成果: Short survey同行評審

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Advanced digital technologies have overcome the limitation of on-site teaching, especially after the COVID-19 epidemic. Various newly-developed digital technologies, such as e-learning, virtual reality, serious games, and podcasts, have gained renewed interest and come into the spotlight. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular in nursing education as they provide a convenient and cost-effective way for students to access educational content. This mini-review article provides an overview of the development of podcasts in nursing education in Eastern and Western countries. It explores potential future trends in the use of this technology. The literature review demonstrates that nursing education in Western countries has already integrated podcasts into curriculum design, using the podcast to convey nursing education knowledge and skills and to improve students’ learning outcomes. However, few articles address nursing education in Eastern countries. The benefits of integrating podcasts into nursing education appear far greater than the limitations. In the future, the application of podcasts can serve not only as a supplement to instructional methodologies but also as a tool for clinical practicing students in nursing education. In addition, with the aging population increasing in both Eastern and Western countries, podcasts have the potential to serve as an effective delivery modality for health education in the future, particularly for the older adult, whose eyesight declines with age, and those populations with visual impairments.

期刊Frontiers in Public Health
出版狀態Published - 2023

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