Insitu measurements of T e in the lower ionosphere - A review

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The most basic long time problem of the insitu electron temperature measurements in the ionospheric E region is "why T e is very often higher than possible T n at the height of ∼100 km. Apart from this fundamental problem, there are at least three research subjects on the behavior of electron temperature which have not been clear so far. These are : (1) electron temperature in the E s layer, (2) electron temperature in the equatorial electrojet, (3) electron temperature near S q focus. Essential requirement for the reliable measurement is to avoid the effects due to electrode contamination, which can be done by using a glass tube-sealed cylindrical electrode. After the counter moves against the electrode contamination is processed, the sweep rate of the probe bias should be taken into account; the sweep rate should be fast enough to measure electron temperature in rapidly changing region such as in E s and to remove the spin effect of the rocket. Several other factors which might influence the accurate measurements are also discussed.

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期刊Advances in Space Research
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