Instability and vibration of a rotating Timoshenko beam with precone

Sen Yung Lee, Shueei Muh Lin, Yu Sheng Lin

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A rotating blade with a precone angle is usually designed, but little literature has investigated the effect of the precone angle on vibration. This paper investigates divergence instability and vibration of a rotating Timoshenko beam with precone and pitch angles. It uses Hamilton's principle to derive the coupled governing differential equations and boundary conditions for a rotating Timoshenko beam. Analytical solution of an inextensional Timoshenko beam without taking into account the Coriolis force effect can be derived. Some simple relations among the parameters of rotating Timoshenko beams are revealed. Based on these relations, one can predict the natural frequencies and parameters of other systems from those of known systems. Moreover, the mechanism of divergence instability (tension buckling) is investigated. Finally, the effects of the parameters on natural frequencies, and the phenomenon of divergence instability are investigated.

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期刊International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
出版狀態Published - 2009 二月

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