Installation damage of geogrids: Influence of load intensity

Ching-Chuan Huang, Z. H. Wang

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A series of laboratory tests was performed to simulate installation damage of two flexible geogrids. These test results are analysed in conjunction with the results of some large-scale field tests and laboratory tests reported in the literature to determine the appropriate values of laboratory cyclic load intensity that should be used to simulate the field installation damage induced by a known static and/or dynamic compacting force. It is shown that the standard laboratory test, DD ENV ISO 10722-1, can be modified to simulate properly the field installation damage of two flexible woven geogrids. This modification comprises: (1) the use of a similar type of aggregate in laboratory tests to that used in the field; and (2) the use of a suitable laboratory cyclic load intensity based on the sum of the dynamic and static compacting force induced by the vibratory roller to simulate the field normal stress on the geogrid. The paper describes how to calculate load intensities in the laboratory test to reproduce field damage of the flexible geogrids due to vibratory compaction forces.

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期刊Geosynthetics International
出版狀態Published - 2007 六月 12

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