Integrated role of algae in the closed-loop circular economy of anaerobic digestion

Yoong Kit Leong, Jo Shu Chang

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Following the surging demand for sustainable biofuels, biogas production via anaerobic digestion (AD) presented itself as a solution for energy security, waste management, and greenhouse gas mitigation. Algal-based biorefinery platform serves an important role in the AD-based closed-loop circular economy. Other than using whole biomass of micro- and macroalgae as feedstock for biogas production, the integration of AD with other bio- or thermochemical conversion techniques can achieve complete valorization of biomass residue after processing or valuable compounds extraction. On the other hand, anaerobic digestate, the byproduct of AD processes can be used for microalgal cultivation for lipid and pigments accumulation, closing the loop of resource flow. Furthermore, algae and its consortium with bacteria or fungi can be employed for combined biogas upgrading and wastewater treatment. Innovative strategies have been developed to enhance biogas upgrading and pollutant removal performance as well as minimize O2 and N2 content in the upgraded biomethane.

期刊Bioresource technology
出版狀態Published - 2022 9月

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