Integration method for inputoutput modeling and error analysis of four-bar polymer compliant micromachines

R. J. Chang, Y. L. Wang

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A methodology to integrate FEA, pseudo-linkages model, and experimental test for input-output modeling and error analysis of compliant micromachine is developed. A four-bar micromachine fabricated from polyethylene is employedfor investigations. The integration of FEA and pseudo-linkages model is simulated through the equivalence of force system and strain energy along with motion estimated under kinematic constraints. The method to integrate linear FEA and experimental test is realized through the information of stress and strain along with the data average and offset compensation of experimental creep-recovery process. Two types of four-bar micromachines with either convex or concave joint are selected to investigate the effects of variations of compliant joints under loading. Proportional factor and indices of RMS error are defined to help the selection of joint types in the micromachines. The validity of utilizing linear model is finally supported by experimental test through data analysis and processing.

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期刊Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME
出版狀態Published - 1999 六月


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