Intelligent prognostics system design and implementation

Yu Chuan Su, Fan Tien Cheng, Min Hsiung Hung, Hsien Cheng Huang

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This paper proposes an intelligent prognostics system (IPS) for semiconductor and TFT-LCD manufacturing. The IPS comprises several generic embedded devices (GEDs) and remote clients. The GED can be easily embedded into various types of equipment to acquire equipment engineering data and meet the specification requirements of Interface A for supporting semiconductor industry equipment engineering capabilities. Furthermore, the GED has an open-standard application interface offering pluggable and customized intelligent applications. With this feature, the intelligent applications can be distributed and localized, releasing the factory network burden and enhancing equipment reliability and processing quality. This paper also develops two typical pluggable applications: the predictive maintenance scheme (PMS) for detecting equipment faults and the virtual metrology scheme (VMS) for conjecturing equipment-processing quality. Integrating the PMS into the IPS and the VMS into the IPS are, respectively, accomplished using the conveyor equipment and the sputtering equipment in a TFT-LCD factory. These two illustrative examples clearly demonstrate that IPS is versatile, configurable, and effective.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing
出版狀態Published - 2006 5月

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