Interactive planning of revisiting-free itinerary for signed-for delivery

Lo Pang Yun Ting, Shan Yun Teng, Szu Chan Wu, Kun Ta Chuang

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The trend of online shopping has given rise to the growth of signed-for delivery services. Signed-for delivery is a reliable way of getting proof of delivery that ensures your parcel must be signed for upon its arrival with the recipient. However, due to the unknown of recipient occupancy, general signed-for delivery is not very effective for delivery drivers. Once the recipients are not available upon drivers’ arrival, drivers have to arrange revisiting the recipients, causing the resource waste and being overworked. In this paper, we address an important issue on the revisiting-free itinerary planning and propose a novel interactive planning system, called COKI, to interactively plan the effective delivery itineraries with a round-by-round strategy. The flow enables delivery drivers to take a shorter itinerary without revisiting any recipient. Our experimental studies on real data show that, without properly considering the issues in revisiting-free paradigm, the extension of state-of-the-art routing algorithms can only achieve sub-optimal results. Furthermore, the COKI framework can efficiently discover better revisiting-free itinerary for signed-for delivery in an interactive fashion.

頁(從 - 到)439-456
期刊International Journal of Data Science and Analytics
出版狀態Published - 2022 10月

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  • 資訊系統
  • 建模與模擬
  • 電腦科學應用
  • 計算機理論與數學
  • 應用數學


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