Interlaboratory comparison of phase doppler measurements in a research simplex atomizer spray

V. G. McDonnell, G. S. Samuelsen, M. R. Wang, C. H. Hong, W. H. Lai

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Phase Doppler interferometry is providing detailed information about the structure of sprays. Such information is attractive to those developing numerical models that predict spray behavior. However, the inherent complexity of sprays and advanced diagnostics warrants the development of a reference point for measurements. Hence, a "standard" spray is evaluated in the current study which can be used to evaluate instrument and operator performance and, once sufficient data sets are generated, can provide a benchmark data set for modeling challenges. A comprehensive set of mean and variation in five sets of measurements is provided. In general, the results reveal reasonable reproducibility, especially in quantities which are dependent solely upon the number of drops (e.g., mean velocities). It is also shown that statistics derived from individual drop sizes reveal less variability than those derived from the entire spray population. Finally, it is observed that quantities whichdepend upon drop volume and/or sample volume area (e.g., Sauter mean diameter, volume flux) are subject to the greatest variability.

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期刊Journal of Propulsion and Power
出版狀態Published - 1994

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