Intermetallic phase on the interface of Ag-Au-Pd/Al structure

Hao Wen Hsueh, Fei Yi Hung, Truan Sheng Lui, Li Hui Chen, Kuan Jen Chen

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Three wires, Au, Cu, and Ag-Au-Pd, were bonded on an Al pad, inducing IMC growth by a 155 hr high temperature storage (HTS) so that the electrical resistance was increased and critical fusing current density (CFCD) decreased. Observations of the Ag-Au-Pd wire after HTS (0-1000 hr) indicated that IMC between the Ag-Au-Pd wire and Al Pad was divided into three layers: Ag 2Al layers above and below the bonding interface and a polycrystal thin layer above the total IMC. A high percentage of Pd and Au existed in this 200 nm thin layer, and could suppress Al diffusion into the Ag matrix to inhibit IMC growth. After PCT-1000 hr, a noncontinuous structure still remained between the IMC layer and interface, and the main phase of IMC was (Ag, Au, Pd) 2Al with a hexagonal structure.

期刊Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2014

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