Inverse spin hall effect in heterostructures "nanostructured ferromagnet/topological insulator"

P. N. Petrov, M. D. Davydova, P. N. Skirdkov, K. A. Zvezdin, J. G. Lin, J. C.A. Huang

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Interaction between magnetization dynamics and spin polarized electronic transport has been studied for ferromagnet nanodisk situated upon a 3D topological insulator (TI) film. Resonant magnetization dynamics leads to generation of spin current, which flows into the topological insulator, where spin to charge conversion occurs. Using micromagnetic simulations for magnetization dynamics we estimate the dc voltage, which is created due to this process in topological insulator. Contribution from different modes, which are characteristic for nanodisks, to the voltage was calculated.

期刊EPJ Web of Conferences
出版狀態Published - 2018 七月 4
事件2017 Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism, MISM 2017 - Moscow, Russian Federation
持續時間: 2017 七月 12017 七月 5

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